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Our center staff keep on pulse on the world of grants and incentives available to fleets, technology providers and the growing industry of alternative fuels and sustainable business. Here you can share projects, collaborate and have your voices heard.

How it works.

  1. Submit a project. We don’t want any patents, or proprietary data. Just a brief description of what, why, when and where. And of course the two other questions how and how much.
  2. Comment and Collaborate. Explore other projects. Work together. Connect with like-minded folks. See what else is on the market.
  3. Congregate while we aggregate. As your community here grows, our ability to really define industry needs increases. We use this information to get better funding options to the right communities and industries.
  4. We select a few teams each year to work with The Grant Farm. Projects are reviewed for suitability by an impartial group of industry experts. Suitability is determined by current fund availability, industry impact and environmental impact. See full criteria here.

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