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The Center For Alternative Fuels is an innovative 501(c)3 non-profit funded by carbonBLU, The Grant Farm, and The California Energy Commission. As part of a larger network of Centers, our organization will serve as a major hub of innovation, education, and adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies throughout Northern California. Our mission has three parts education, empowerment and implementation.

We seek to educate the public at large about sustainability, alternative fuels, and advanced vehicles. To this end, we have a robust education platform, donated to us by Google, where we host courses on sustainability, alternative fuels, and advanced vehicles. This platform is open to educators, non-profits, and institutions of learning who are looking to provide distance learning and enhanced courses.

We work to empower everyday citizens to impact their communities. We have fundraising and educational tools at our disposal. We have some amazing toolkits available. We provide you with the things you need to act on the knowledge you have gained. Our platforms are designed to take good ideas and make them actionable. We welcome entrepreneurs, community leaders, fleet managers, sustainability managers, and others to inquire about our services and take advantage of this opportunity.

One part of our mission is to serve as a point of cohesion for the transportation industry when it comes to alternative fuels. We are here to educate, promote and assist the public and private sector with alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of events and activities. 

 The Center for Alternative Fuels virtual platform is extensive and requires an active and interested community to enable its function. Our goal in providing this platform is to create a tool to operationalize the wealth of knowledge that is available to individuals and organizations. Our resource center, sustainable fleet knowledge base, and educational platform are available to all. We rely on our community of experts to provide content, which will then be curated by our team of interns and experts. will be home to an innovative and ambitious data collection project. Our unique hand raising system will allow for interested groups to submit projects and ideas, as well as make requests for funding from the regulatory agencies. Users can jump start their research into alternative fuel options by accessing the fleet analysis tools we have developed.

If you are a professor, educator, product manager or academic institution and would like to feature your content on our platform we want to hear from you. Please contact us at info@centerforalternativefuels.org or visit this site to submit your information: Community Submissions

Users can jump start their research into alternative fuel options by accessing the fleet analysis tools we have developed. Additionally we welcome submissions of case studies, product information and requests to use our webinar and broadcasting tools.

We are the product of an innovative grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the efforts of carbonBLU.  The Center for Alternative Fuels leverages IP and funding from carbonBLU alongside our network of amazing partners. At carbonBLU we are dedicated to the idea that economic and environmental sustainability must go hand in hand. We are committed to the great work Clean Cities and other non-profits do to advance the alternative fuels and advanced vehicle industry. When the CEC released this grant application we saw it as a perfect opportunity to support a cause that we are passionate about. s fleet analytics and optimization. As we began to interact more with fleets and struggled to provide real solutions to began to analyze the reasons for our difficulties.

We know that as we work to empower, educate and implement it will create greater opportunities for adoption of new technology and improvement of existing technology. As a non-profit, we have seen great benefits in being able to raise money to empower community leaders. We are excited about the idea of supporting entrepreneurs and innovators as they work to change the world. There are many social justice, conservation, and economic issues we can address. We look forward to making a positive impact and create the future that is best for all of us.

Who We Are

Sedale Turbovsky


Sedale is Chief Futurist at carbonBLU and Director of The Center for Alternative Fuels. As a team leader and project manager, Sedale has been a central figure in the crafting and developing of The Center. Sedale has a background in developing new markets and worked for many years with startups in Argentina and then moved back to work in California. Sedale has been successful in developing and securing funding opportunities for carbonBLU and The Center for Alternative fuels and continues to drive development and innovation efforts and both organizations.

Sustainability and economic development are his professional passions. However, Sedale’s love affair with adventure tourism inspires him to keep working to improve the planet we live on. Sedale brings a unique approach to our non-profit, with a very profit a business driven approach to fund development. An admitted fan of impact investing, Sedale works hard to ensure that funding is provided to projects with maximum impact and promising returns.

Joshua Pietak

Policy Adviser

Mr. Pietak, Founder and President of ECO, and Managing Director of carbonBLU, is a regulatory compliance and certification specialist with more than 15 years of experience working with emission control systems, during which time, has had the opportunity to establish strong working relationships with the many different key certification personnel from the California ARB and U.S. EPA. He has served as CEO and President of ECO Inc., since 1999 and has grown the company into an internationally trusted and respected corporation.

As a graduate of CSU, Chico with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Minor in Environmental Policy, Mr. Pietak began his professional career as an Air Quality Specialist and Project Manager for the Port of Portland in Portland, OR. After leaving the Port, Mr. Pietak continued his work in the air quality arena as an Air Pollution Control Inspector for the Butte County (CA) Air Quality Management District, Regulatory Compliance Engineer for IMPCO Technologies, Inc., and Environmental Program Manager for Safety-Kleen Corporation.

Joseph Ravenna

Programs Manager

Joe Ravenna is the programs manager at the Center for Alternative Fuels. Joe is a dedicated developer and programmer with a knack for troubleshooting issues. In his free time, Joe can be found deep in the backcountry on his skis, paddling down river in his kayak, or riding his mountain bike on a winding trail through the trees. Furthermore, Joe has a passion for discovering progressive and exciting new music, while maintaining a profound appreciation and respect for classic tunes of all genres.

The Center is pleased to have Joe at the head of their programs, bringing his passion and insight into everything we do.

Mark Filimonov

Grants Adviser

Growing up, when Mark wasn’t reading science fiction, he could probably be found in the pool training and racing for his local competitive swim team. Today, life is more complicated, but much remains the same. He still reads a lot, but mostly about science, clean technology, and energy. He only swims for fun now, but still loves to compete—particularly on behalf of Grant Farm’s clientele.

As co-founder and COO of the Grant Farm, Mark melds rigor and discipline with a burning desire to win grants, incentives, and loans for organizations seeking funding for their advanced energy, water, transportation and manufacturing projects. His proposals have received top ranking in California on many occasions and, collectively, have been awarded well in excess of $100 million from a variety of state and federal organizations.

In day-to-day operations at the Grant Farm, Mark exercises editorial oversight over content and manages the crack team of writers, engineering consultants, and policy experts that the company deploys on its projects.

Peter Ward

Market Development Adviser

Peter Ward established Alternative Fuels Advocates, LLC, upon retiring from the California Energy Commission, after over 34 years. Peter was the Program Manager of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, the $100 million per year (7.5 years) program to develop alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in California.

As Program Manager, developed, designed and implemented the Alternative and Renewable Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program (AB 118) in California, and assisted the preparation of the first three annual Investment Plans for the Program, for investments exceeding $350 million. Peter served as Policy Advisor to Energy Commission Vice-Chair James Boyd and participated in the development of The California Alternative Fuels Plan (December 2007) as authorized by AB 1007.

Shawn Garvey

Business Development Adviser

The story of Shawn’s business development career begins in Westfield, Massachusetts, where, at the age of 14, he founded a Junior Achievement company that manufactured and sold energy efficiency equipment for homes and businesses that ultimately won awards for “Top-Selling Product of the Year.” Thus began a lifelong fascination with developing capital for entrepreneurial organizations.

As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Grant Farm, Shawn has managed the development of hundreds of award-winning public and private development campaigns for organizations seeking funding for transformative advanced energy, water, transportation and manufacturing projects. He serves as an advisor to several national and global energy and vehicle companies and is a co-founder and immediate past Chair of the Bioenergy Association of California.



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